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The story of a family recipe and how it became what you now know as XOCHITL!


It has been more than 90 years since my family began making Chipotle salsa. When I was growing up some 35 years ago, I was taught how to make this salsa and I have continued making it through out my life.

It was common to hear from my friends that it was a delicious salsa and that I should market it. One day, out of the blue, a lady called to ask me a favor. “Carlos: I tried your wonderful salsa. I really enjoyed it and I was thinking it would be a perfect gift for my best customers. Would you be so kind to prepare some for me?” I said: “Sure! How much do you want?”

“Well, 200 jars.”

“What?” I thought! “It’s too much for one cook.” Every batch was taking me approximately five hours due to the extensive process it takes to produce the salsa. She said: “Just give me the price, and I’ll call you next week.” I thought, “I won’t do it in my kitchen, it’s a lot of salsa to make.” But the love for challenges that I have as an entrepreneur encouraged me to begin small production batches and test marketing.

The fantastic acceptance of my first Chipotle Salsa drove me to develop other products, visit plants, stores, food shows, sampling… it was incredible what I was experiencing…a huge success in sales.

Today, our objective is to provide the finest products with the most unique home made flavors that we can find in the remote places of the old continents.

~Carlos Salinas
President & Founder of Salsa Xochitl

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Ingredients Are Our Passion

Xochitl offers a variety of traditional corn chips, as well as flavored chips, such as: Picositos con Limon (spicy chips with lime), Nacho, En Fuego, and Chipotle- just to name a few. Our Premium White and Blue corn chips bring a fresh sensation to the palate; especially the Premium Blue Corn Tortilla Chips that possess a sweeter and nuttier taste. Xochitl also offers an unsalted corn chip for the sodium conscious consumer.

Our salsas range from very mild and delightful flavors that are sure to satisfy your taste buds, to bold and distinguishable flavors with exceptional heat and incredible spice.

Xochitl also has a festive selection of seasonal items to impress your guests during the holidays. Xochitl is constantly bringing new flavors and products of various sizes and options to the market so be sure to check our website frequently to see what’s new.

All of our products obtain a world of flavors and textures, which are sure to be a great addition to a variety of dishes. Xochitl’s Totopos de Maíz (corn chips) are oven-baked and quickly fried to perfection with non-hydrogenated oils to create deliciously thin and crispy chips.

Our products are: Naturally Cholesterol Free, Contain 0g Trans Fat, Certified Gluten-Free, Non-GMO Project Verified, and Kosher Certified.

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